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The RotorSchmiede VA115 ultralight is only the kick-off to the development and production of RotorSchmiede helicopters. Already under development, the two-seat, enclosed RotorSchmiede VA250 ultralight will revolutionize the helicopter market with its flight characteristics, unrivaled payload of 250 kg, space to allow both passengers to load carry-on luggage, and its target price of 150,000 EUR net. The RotorSchmiede VA250 ultralight is due for delivery to customers in 2020.

Concept & Vision

Enjoy our early concept drawings. The final exterior design will be published soon.

“Für rund 150.000 EUR Netto soll der Hubschrauber ab 2020 ausgeliefert werden. Angesichts des Tempos, das die Münchner beim Einsitzer vorgelegt haben, ist das durchaus ernst zu nehmen.”

[“For a net price of about 150.000 EUR, delivery of the helicopter shall start in 2020. Considering the pace of the Munich Team in developing the single seat helicopter, this statement should be taken very seriously.”]

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