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RotorSchmiede – ultralightweight / ultra sophisticated

At its Magdeburg-Cochstedt facilities RotorSchmiede GmbH develops light helicopters for leisure and utility, all featuring RotorSchmiedes distinct coaxial rotor system. RotorSchmiede is a division of DEA General Aviation Holding Company Limited which is a public listed company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in China.

DEA General Aviation

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DEA General Aviation is involved in the development, design, production and sales of civil aircraft, engines and supporting systems. DEA entered into General Aviation in 2013 positioning itself as a global business seizing growth opportunities around the world. DEA’s Core Vision is to provide “Affordable General Aviation to the people” Through Global Mergers and Acquisitions. DEA General Aviation now designs, develops, produces and sells Helicopters, Fixed Wing Aircraft, Engines, Composites and UAVs for Surveillance and Agricultural Utility Missions for the Civil Market Globally, with operations established in China – Germany – Russia – USA & the United Kingdom.

Every single entity of DEA excels in its core competencies. Rotorschmiede, Composite Solutions, XtremeAir, Mistral Engines and Hirth are all part of the DEA General Aviation Group of companies.

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