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The successful first flight of the VA115 is a major milestone not only for the implementation of the VA115 program, but for the entire planned helicopter portfolio of RotorSchmiede. Based on its own coaxial rotor system, RotorSchmiede has defined a family of helicopters, all taking advantage of the beneficial flying characteristics of coaxial systems: The planned VA250 will be able to carry two passengers inside a weatherproof cabin. The two UAS versions (unmanned aircraft system) of VA115 and VA250 will create new possibilities in industrial and commercial application: The unmanned VA115 agro for example will be able to spray up to 110 liter of fertilizer efficiently with the help of the rotor downwash, or the unmanned VA250 cargo hook can transport up to 350 kg of external load.

RotorSchmiede is currently evaluating various industrial applications to develop special unmanned versions for – all based on RotorSchmiede’s coaxial technology and manned helicopters. Companies that are interested in developing industrial solutions together with RotorSchmiede are welcome to contact us.