RotorSchmiede exhibits at HELIRUSSIA 2019

In cooperation with its partners Aeroelectromash and Aviazapchast, RS Helikopter will exhibit at HELIRUSSIA 2019.


RS Helikopter GmbH will present its single-seat coaxial helicopter RotorSchmiede VA115 ultralight, which received the German Type Certificate in October 2018. Consequently designed for fun to fly, the RotorSchmiede VA115 ultralight has the lowest price of all certified helicopter in the world – close to the cost of a gyrocopter!

Also on display is the Rotorschmiede VA115 trainer, a training platform with adjustable degrees of freedom, which makes getting into helicopter flying easier in a particularly secure and cost-effective way: it can be mounted in no time at all under any RotorSchmiede VA115 ultralight.


You will find us at Aeroelectromash, booth 2C, from 16th – 18th of May 2019.

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